Make your business grow with the best technological solution for dynamized water !
Increase the growth rates of your crops and save energy

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What is it RNX NERO POWER®?

RNX NERO POWER® is a device with 100% natural technology that reproduces the movements and mechanisms (vortex, resonance and electromagnetic frequencies) used by nature to regenerate and energize water.

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How can we increase your profits?

RNX NERO POWER® water technology enables efficient water management, improving plant health and quality

Significant water savings, contributes to a healthier ecosystem

Produces healthy plants, improves crop growth and yield

Facilitates infiltration rates and thus reduces water loss through surface evaporation.

Increases water holding capacity and nutrient availability.

Produces healthy plants, improves crop growth and yield.

Reduces the need for fertilizers.


Facilitates greater absorption of nutrients.

Improves water use efficiency and thus reduces cost of cultivation and increases profits

Improves root growth.

Save Energy


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RNX NERO POWER® has been scientifically tested in greenhouse cultivation of medical cannabis, achieving an amazing growth rate 40% higher than Cannabis irrigated with classic systems and in less than 6 weeks!

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Scientifically tested RNX NERO POWER® water dynamization technology significantly increases the growth rate, health and quality of your crops


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